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3rd Party Construction Draw & Progress Inspections Austin, San Antonio & Houston Texas


Construction Draw Inspections: Construction draw inspections are an essential step in any construction project. They provide assurance that the project is progressing according to plan and that the builder is meeting the agreed-upon timeline. By ensuring that the lender is informed of the progress, draw inspections play a critical role in making sure the project stays on schedule and within budget. In this blog post, we will look at five reasons why construction draw inspections are an important part of any construction project.

5 reasons why Draw Inspections are Essential to Your Project:

1) They protect your investment

2) They keep the project on track

3) They make sure the builder is complying with the agreed-upon timeline

4) They help avoid construction defects

5) They can save you money in the long run

Construction Progress: During new construction, City inspectors generally inspect mechanical, plumbing and electrical phases, but not other phases such as framing, drywall , roofing, sheathing etc. That’s where we come in. Building and engineering firms can count on us to be their eyes and ears by inspecting the job sites and reporting on progress of the project.  Our reports are comprehensive to include photos, and the inspector visiting the site is an ex-tradesman with decades of hands on commercial and industrial construction experience.


Construction Quality Control: The success of any construction project is largely dependent on the quality control inspections completed throughout the duration of the project. Construction Quality Control Inspections are an essential part of any successful construction project. It ensures that the project meets minimum standards and is completed on time. Site inspector will walk the site and report the following below with photos:

  • Condition of job site

  • Condition of materials and storage methods

  • Basic safety conditions

  • Basic workmanship of materials being installed

  • Building plan review

  • Change order review

  • Construction schedule compliance     

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