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Restaurant Inspections / About Permits Texas

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Many of our clients are new to investing in commercial real estate. One of the riskiest types of property investment, is restaurants. Often times, an investor assumes once their contract is signed, they’re home free and ready to make millions. Wrong. Even if the past owner had a valid Certificate of Occupancy and Food Permit, it does not mean they’re transferable and you can open for business. You have to start from scratch, and more than likely, bring that restaurant to current code, no matter who owned it, or what condition it was in two weeks ago. Waiting periods for permits in Austin can take weeks to months, not to mention long lines and confusing paperwork. And if you fill out the paperwork incorrectly, you’re back to square one.

To get things done in this town, you gotta know people. Introducing, Carlos Yescas. We recommend him to all our clients. He’s an expert at handling building permits in Austin, especially for restaurants. He handles everything from start to finish. He’ll work your case diligently and timely, until you have the proper permits in hand to legally open your doors for business and start making money..

Carlos Yescas, Bldg Permit Consultant (512) 905-6838

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